Too many cars.So manyempty seats.Let's fix that.

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Introducing Waze Carpool

3 easy steps to getting unstuck in traffic.

  • Get it and set it

    Tell Carpool where you live and work. Get matched with a fellow Wazer going your way.

  • Share the ride

    When it’s time, one Wazer picks up the other and off they go. Carpool Karaoke time.

  • Share the cost

    Payment is set in advance based on distance. When the ride is over, Carpool transfers it from rider to driver.

What's Carpool all about?

It's a simple, quick, cheap and fun way to commute together.

  • Make a little money, save a little money

    Commuting is expensive. With Carpool everybody saves.

  • Get there quicker with the carpool lane

    With fewer cars clogging the roads, we all get there faster.

  • It's a win-win-win

    Make a new friend, help end traffic, make the world a better place.

Traffic sucks. Let's end it.

It's bad for people and it's bad for the planet.

Every day, millions of drivers in thousands of cities use Waze to get around. So what if, instead of working together to outsmart traffic, we found a way for them to just get rid of it?

People created traffic. People can end it. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s put those extra seats to work, and get everyone unstuck.

Behind the wheel?

Get Waze and give a ride.

Ride shotgun?

Get Waze Carpool and catch a ride.